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Results show that the layout of the merge influences bag throughput and when the physical configuration is in a preferred position, input variance has no effect on bag throughput performance. These results have potential application to other material handling systems, such as those used in manufacturing and warehousing.

In this paper we present the SEP-approach, an approach to evaluate intelligent logistic systems and their control systems. The SEP-approach consists of four phases in which three types of models are used; simulation, emulation, and prototypes, of control systems and logistics resources.

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This communication allows for the testing of control systems with an emulation model. When models require faster and higher volume communications, limitations within OPC prevent this.

In the first phase a simulation model is made of the physical logistic processes. A second simulation model is made containing the logic of the control systems. This simulated control system is used to control different models of the logistic resources throughout the entire SEP-approach. In the second phase emulation models are made of the logistics resources.

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The ULS Schipol is future large-scale automated logistic system in the Netherlands. By applying the SEP-approach the control systems and logistic resource designed for ULS Schipol were evaluated before implementation and commissioning. OLE Process Control is an industry standard that facilitates the communication between PCs and Programmable Logic Controllers .

The emulated logistic resources are controlled by the simulated control system. In the third phase the simulated control system controls prototypes of logistics resources. In the fourth and final phase combinations of simulated, emulated, and prototype logistic resources are used simultaneously, all controlled by the simulated control system. The SEP approach was successfully applied to evaluate automated 3DS ROMs guided vehicles and material handling stations for the underground Logistic System Schipol.