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Need For Speed Heat (For Pc)

Do you have to use your indicators when turning left and right? Not really, nor do you ever wholly need to pay attention to what’s around you in terms of other cars. Loading up Truck Driver for the first time gives a real sense of interest and intrigue, this being the first ‘trucking’ game on consoles.

One of the best games on Wii U has been ported over to the Nintendo Switch, where it still stands tall as one of the most enjoyable, moreish racers that Nintendo has ever produced. Flush with beautiful, bold colours and some of the best courses that a new Mario Kart game has delivered in the series’ history, Deluxe comes packed full of content. The oldest original release on this list still holds up strong. Developed by the now defunct Evolution Studios, Driveclub is a track focused racer that delivers arcade pace and simulation authenticity. It’s also still one of the PS4’s most attractive games, complete with dynamic weather and time of day systems that bring its various locations to life.

The problem is that these games cost a fortune and could definitely be eating into your bank account. There are plenty of great racing games available for free where you won’t have to worry about the cost at all. Realism in the sense that your truck has indicators, high beams and low beams, and the roads have traffic lights and speed cameras.


A racing game with a huge roster of rides offers players with plenty of options and will go a long way toward keeping your game fresh and fun. Indeed, the Xbox One features a massive library of thrilling racing games. While it might be easy to get behind the wheel of the many games available on Microsoft’s third video game console, you are in for the ride of your life once you discover the best of the best.

This grittier, more spectacular brother of Riptide GP 2 proves that racing games don’t have to have wheels and roads. This splishy splashy jet ski sim trades pavement for water, and let’s you do massive stunts in mid-air to gain boosts. This fast-paced driving game sees you fleeing from the cops and causing carnage in a series of open maps.

Dangerous Driving is a fun experience that will bring you back to the days of Burnout. While there are some technical issues here and there and the Career Mode is a bit basic, it’s a good start to what could become a series of games in the future. There’s even all the additional DLC tracks included, all as part of the package.

  • Several keys may have to be pressed at the same time to get proper results.
  • Clipboard, Search History, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable.
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Madalin Stunt Cars 3 and a key selling point here is that you can play solo or with your friends in a truly fantastic multiplayer experience. If, for any reason you feel as though this isn’t providing all the fun that you need then you can just switch through a massive selection of cars to find a brand new experience. There are forty to choose from so you definitely won’t grow tired of exploring the many options available to you. Is it worth waiting to see if Sony finally manages to ever release another Gran Turismo game? Perhaps you’re set on finding out whether there will be another Burnout in the FileZilla future?